What is Saniderm?

Saniderm is a very thick transparent film used to protect new tattoos against fluids, frictions and bacteria.  Unlike plastic films, Saniderm is breathable which allows moisture vapor and oxygen exchange. Saniderm is usually applied either immediately after the tattoo session or a day later. Application can also reduce scabbing, reduce pain and maintain ink integrity.

Can people have reactions to Saniderm?

Yes. Although Saniderm is hypoallergenic and allergic reactions are rare, some people have very sensitive skin or allergies to adhesives. If your concerned about using Saniderm over your tattoo, we recommend a patch test before applying. If you experience a rash, abnormal skin irritation or any other symptoms you may be worried about, remove the Saniderm and wash with a mild soap. Discontinue the use of the product and if needed consult a physician.


If we apply the Saniderm on the day of your tattoo you may leave it on for 5-6 days unless the area fills with fluid for your tattoo. In this case you are asked to come back to the studio for a second wrapping of Saniderm.
If your tattoo is a large one, we may ask you to come back the following day, and you will need to wrap it the traditional way that night. Make sure to clean it down and dry it before coming back to have it wrapped (apply no creams).

To successfully remove the Saniderm after your 5-6 days, take it off with warm water in the shower and gently peel away from the skin.