Norbert Halasz

Owner of Dublin Ink.

In 1998, Norbi gave up his degree in Mechanical Engineering to start tattooing in his home town Miskolc, Hungary. “Tattooing wasn’t as popular as it is now so it was tricky starting off” in 2003 he opened his first tattoo studio called Skin Workshop Tattoo, 10 years later he sold the shop and started a new adventure in Dublin, Ireland.

Here, he began working in Dublin Ink as a long term guest. Soon after Norbi was asked if he wanted to buy the studio, without hesitation he accepted and took control of the studio in 2012, from there he devoted all of his time and skill turning Dublin Ink into one of Irelands most well pleased, premium tattoo studios.

Norbi is a proud father and a massive Star Wars fan, but only the old ones! He says the new ones are shit he has a full bio mechanical Star Wars inspired sleeve done by Markus Lenhard (@luxaltera)



Bruno Santos

Born in Araxá, Brazil and grew up in Belo Horizonte. Like many others, Bruno started off with graffiti, mostly portraits and learning more about facial structure and composition. Bruno took his inspiration from most renaissance painters, in particular Raphael. Bruno decided early on to start a career in football and played professionally with Cruzeiro for a year. After coming to a conclusion he decided he would leave his football team and pursue his career for Art. Bruno began tattooing at the age of 20 in 2008. He accepted to fly over and do a guest spot in Dublin Ink last year in April and soon after began working here full time in September. We loved him that much we couldn’t let him go :’)



Kevin McNamara

From Ireland, Kevin started out in Dublin Ink 4 years ago, after studying animation and illustration in college in Dublin City, he’s tattooing a little over 2 and a half years. He has a style favouring more bold and colourful design’s, trying to keep his work as graphic as possible, drawing his inspirations from movies, TV and comic books and is currently looking to bring more of these influences to his work.

Kev is our Dublin Ink comic book nerd. Tattoo artist by day, but superhero at heart.



Matthew Larkin

Matthew is Dublin Ink’s resident Pokèmon master, with an impressive card collection (all 151) all 8 gym badges and a couple of cheeky Pokèmon tattoo’s . He loves Anime, Metal Gear Solid and anything nostalgic.