All our piercings are done with surgical grade titanium for the safest most efficient healing.


Our piercers are here to help you heal your piercing and address any piercing problems long after the initial piercing has been done.


Please bring along any necessary forms of I.D. you need for your piercing.

Piercing price list


Lip €30

Nostril €30

Eyebrow €30

Tragus €30

Rook €30

Conch €30

Scaffold €35

Helix €20

Lobe €15 each (or €25 for both)

Navel €40

Nipple €30

Nape €40

Tongue €40

Smiley €35

Micro dermal €40 each (discounts apply over a certain multiple)

VCH €60

Christina €50

If your don’t see the piercing your looking for here, don’t worry. Drop by or mail and we can help you out 🙂



Danielle Robinson

Danielle was one of our first pioneers of Dublin Ink. She is manager and piercer. Dani began her piercing career when she was 18, learning the trade in her hometown in Wexford. Eight years later she’s made a massive mark on the piercing scene, accumulating a large clientele and becoming one of the most well respected piercers in Dublin.

Dani enjoys indian food all day everyday, the occasional glass of red wine and has a pet Iguana named Sid, who she cherishes more than life itself.