When we decided on opening a tattoo studio in Dublin, we didn’t want another run of the mill flash studio where your tattoos are chosen from a catalogue. Our idea was to create a place where you can get an original personalised tattoo designed by the artists that are most suitable to the style

and type of tattoo you want to get. We put a lot of effort to get the best guest artists from all over the world to provide a variety of different styles people can chose from. We are trying to push the art of tattooing further, to change people’s perceptions on tattooing and tattooed people. To show

that ink, needles and skin are just different mediums to show someone’s individuality. Skin for us is the best canvas and tattoos are just another type of art that you carry with you forever.



• Do your research. Look for some ideas, put some pictures together and send them over to us. You can send them on the contact section.

• Check our artists and their portfolio, check what date our guest artists are over and when you are available

• Drop into the shop for your free consultation and if you’ve uploaded some references on the link provided, we can guide you on the ideas you have, We will be more than happy to tell you what we can do with them and what’s going to work or not work as a tattoo.

• If we are all happy with the outcomes of the consultation you will leave your deposit (50-150e depending on the piece) and we will set up an appointment for you. Deposits go towards your last payment and you can always cancel or move your appointment without loosing your deposit as long as you give us at least 72hrs notice.

• Our artists will work on the design that will be ready for you on the day of your appointment. You can always ask for the design to be changed or adjusted.

  • Get a good sleep the night before.
  • Don’t drink alcohol the night before.
  • Eat and drink just before your appointment.
  • Bring a small snack and a something to drink, preferably with sugar content.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, make sure you feel comfortable when exposing the desired area for your tattoo (Eg. Some women prefer to wear a bikini top or sports bra when getting the ribs done.) Don’t wear your good attire, chances are you may get ink splashes on your clothes!
  • Don’t forget about your hygiene ( We need a clean area to start your tattoo, so make sure to shower before hand).
  • Avoid too much sun exposure and/or sun beds.
  • Dry or damaged skin can cause problems, feel free to moisurize the night before hand if you feel the need.
Our piercers pride themselves on being safe and friendly. All of our jewellery meet EU standards and is of the highest quality available. We are also here to tend to your piercing needs well after the piercing is done, including helping you with jewellery changes or any issues that may occur.
  • Change the wrap every three hours.
  • When changing the wrap, it is very importanat to wash your hands first and then wash your new tattoo with luke warm soapy water.
  • Dab dry with kitchen towel. After dabbing dry apply a thin layer of Pegasus cream evenly actoss your tattoo and re wrap your tattoo with cling film.
  • Repeat this process for three to four days.
  • Stay out of the sunlight and tanning booths until the tattoo is healed, at least ten- fourteen days and always apply sun blockers on your tattoo while exposed on sun. This will slow down the fading process.
  • Do not soak your tattoo in the bath, sauna jacuzzi or go swimming while your new tattoo is healing. Showers are fine.
  • Do not rub or pick the treated area while it is being healing.
  • Loss of colour and/or infection could occur.
  • Your tattoo should heal about two weeks.

Over the course of these two weeks keep it clean and continue to apply Pegasus cream evenly on your tattoo.

After that period you can use non perfumed moisturisers.

Any issues with your new tattoo, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the studio.


How your piercing heals is up to you.

Chemicals will not make you heal faster! Quite in the opposite in fact, chemicals of any kind will upset the balance within your newly forming cells and create a condition in which your piercing will heal tremendously slow.

Use Saline solution, it’s the key to quick healing! It’s PH balanced to our bodies. The easiest and most accurate way to acquire saline is in the form of saline solution for contact lenses.

Non-iodized sea salt will always state on the package ‘’this salt does not contain iodine, a necessary nutrient’’. Check the label before you purchase. DO NOT USE table salt or Epson salt.

Always wash your hands before touching your piercing.

Mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt with half pint of boiling water, wait for the solution to cool then using a cotton bud, gently clean around your piercing to remove any lymph (crusts) away from the piercing, do this 3 to 4 times a day, then gently dry the piercing. Do not touch or twist the jewellery.

For oral piercings (inside your mouth)

Use an alcohol free mouth wash every time you eat, drink or smoke. It’s recommended to keep using the mouthwash until you return for your change down to the correct size jewellery.

We offer a laser tattoo removal treatment at Dublin ink. We use an nd:yag removal machine to break down old and unwanted tattoos using the body to safely and gradually remove the ink from the skin.Sessions start at 40 a session and consultations are free for more information please pop into the studio.

Cows lane, Temple Bar,
Dublin 2, Ireland

+353 (01) 671 8888